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Tinos is the ideal destination for any visitor. Apart from the historical remnants, the traditions and the cultural activity, there is a great potential in other forms of tourism that can satisfy even the most demanding visitor.

Ψάρεμα στην ΤήνοThe island, as most Cycladic islands, is offered for fishing. This can be underwater fishing for well equipped fishermen, but also from land with a rod or a fishing-line. The fish vary depending on the season and the area and consist mainly of “sargos”, blackfish, John Dory, rockfish and squids.

There is a diving school on the island. Those interested should be informed about where they could dive legally. Tinos has many sea caves and wrecks which are worth visiting and being explored.

Game varies according to the season. A hunter on Tinos can hunt for partridges, rabbits, turtle doves and quails. There is a Hunting Association on the island, that is taking care of pray breeding and sees to the cultivation of fields, so the wild animals can find food. Take notice of the fact that there are areas where hunting is forbidden.

The mountains and the weather-beaten rocky summits are ideal for hiking. The most popular places for this sport are the rock of "Xomburgo" but also the giant granite rocks scattered around the landscape of "Volax" and "Livada".

                     Σπορ στην Τήνο